A Wedding Beyond Compare At Prince Edward Island

If you are a fan of the popular vampire saga Twilight, your heart must have also melted at the honeymoon idea of Edward by taking Bella into Isle Esme. What girl would not want to have just one island all to herself for special days? It must be that the story is nothing but a product of the creative juices of Stephenie Myer but you can really have Prince Edward Island all to yourself during the most important day of your life- your wedding.

Prince Edward Island has the right mix of romantic ambiance and the convenient venue for a wedding- the beach. Most brides and grooms would want a wedding that is close to nature. Will it not be magical to stand by the beach at dusk, the sun setting perfectly, the wind blowing on your face and the sea water cascading a solemn event? You will get all of these when you take your wedding to a breath-taking island such as that of Prince Edward’s.

There are inns and places where you could hold the party after the ceremony and for those who plan to celebrate the wedding longer than usual, you have the place all to yourself. There are wedding planning services that couples could avail as well to iron  the details in the island even if you are living outside of the island.

If reading through the pages of the famous book makes you wish that you were Bella, that you want to have a wedding ceremony so perfect and with everyone telling you how beautiful you are, well there is no reason to be envious anymore. Prince Edward Island could turn your wedding fantasies into something tangible. All you will do is to relax, plan your dream wedding with the help of your wedding coordinator, feel beautiful and celebrate love!

Prince William’s Stag Do takes to the Water

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